We Transform Your Vision into Reality...

181 Media is an innovative cooperative.

We utilise skills and experience from a selection of specialised professionals from around the world to deliver results to our clients.

Since 2006, we have been delivering results from large to small organisations in New Zealand and Australia. We have worked on multi billion dollar national transformations to startup product development.

Our successes for our clients

Part of the creation of NZ identity management and cybersecurity platform.

Delivered an End to end automation and digitisation solution for NZ largest logistics operation

Saved over 1.2 billion dollars in IT investment by leveraging shared technologies and consolidation siloed IT groups

- Since 2006 -

Our Passion

Strategic Transformation: Vision to Reality

Emerging and Lifetech

Digital Media Creation: Targeted Creative Delivery

Event Development and Delivery: Shared Experience and Collaboration

Our Results

Major Organisations Transformed
NZ Dollars in Savings and Increased Profit from our work
Number of workshops Delivered and Facilitated
Life Technology projects in Development

Our Reputation

Delivered like no other consultancy, succeeded where others failed.

Amanda Hunt
- Strategy Manager for 7 Billion dollar government wide transformation -
Ministry of Business Innovation and Business, New Zealand

Was able to truly understand our business and delivered a robust plan of action and help transform our organisation.

Grace Tsang
- Programme Director Digital Parcels Solutions -
New Zealand Posts

Helped empower us and transform our organisation to a leader in our field by developing our vision, forming a yearly strategy and managing our resources.

Atma Okan
- Director -
Ashram Yoga Inernational

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